Texas Music

I believe in the truth about our way of life espoused in the Texas and Red Dirt music scene.  I also believe that this version of music was forced to separate itself by the commercialization of country that started back when Willie chose to leave Nashville for Abbot.  Here, I will post artists and songs that I really like in the hopes that you will enjoy them too and support their careers.  Please pass on any gems in your comments.

9/15/12 Went to see Thom Shepherd at the South Texas Icehouse in Corpus Christi.  Excellent singer/songwriter responsible for hits like Riding With Private Malone and Redneck Yacht Club.  Down to earth and very friendly guy with a knack for writing comical country music.  In fact, I bought all of his CDs.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thom-Shepherd/158643074162739  With him was Coley McCabe, an excellent artist in her own right with a voice that is like fresh air compared to most female singers who push theirs to the point of sounding like they are yelling rather than singing.  http://www.facebook.com/coley.mccabe

8/15/12 Approx.  Went to Cowgirls Saloon in Kingsville to see John Wolfe.  This guy really reminds me of George Strait in his early days.  He does have sort of a Nashville sound, but only the good stuff, none of the bubblegum.  He definitely has a Texas edge to him and every song on his newest album is worth a listen.  The following clip to “I don’t dance” is a song that, for me, has been in need of being written for decades.  No other song I can imagine lays out this situation any better.  Give it a shot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-Je5UwwTUQ

9/30/12  If you aren’t aware of Junior Brown, he’s been around for some time.  His sound is so unique that his following is more of a rifle shot than a shotgun, you’ll either love him or hate him.  His voice is as deep as Ray’s from Asleep at the Wheel.  His guitar riffs are awesome and will remind you of 50’s style rock.  His lyrics are all present day.  This song, Hang Up and Drive, is definitely relative today.  Give it a listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PWSmMuBNK0&feature=g-all-u


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