Everhome Mortgage can suck it!

Humor: 5 of 10

Rant: 7 of 10

Treating your mortgage company the way they treat you: 11 of 10

The following is a fax that I had to send to them.  If you have a mortgage, you need to read this.  If you don’t, you’ll still get a laugh or two.

From: Joe Burnes
TO: Customer Service Research for Everhome Mortgage
FAX: 866.632.9396

REGARDING: Loan # 9000832159


I am disputing the charges related to the following incident:

On 8/27, I spoke with a representative of your company who took my checking account information to pay 2 payments (approximately $1830). About a week later I noticed the money had not been withdrawn from my account so I called Everhome today to find out what happened and make sure they got the $1830 (which now I will NOT PAY until this is RESOLVED). The first person (Dimitri) had me read off the account number and then he read off what he had. It turned out to be a simple transposition error (where 60 gets typed in as 06). I was informed by Dimitri that I was charged $30 on my loan for giving them a bad account number (when clearly it was a mistake, one that I believe was on the part of the person who entered the data). He stated I was also charged a $30 fee for an inspection, as the inspection was ordered because of how far behind I was due to the payment not going through. I was also told that because the next payment was due on the 1st (and we are now on the 6th) that a 90 day late was put on my credit. Furthermore, he told me that neither he nor a manager could fix the issue and that I would have to PUT IN WRITING a DISPUTE in order to get Everhome to FIX ITS OWN MISTAKE. I had thought I had seen the worst customer service on Earth UNTIL TODAY.
After being transferred to a lady who simply parroted what Dimitri said and made NO attempt to help me rectify the problem, she transferred me to Mark Lundgren ML7 (904.623.2129). He was nice enough to see if the call had been recorded, but we found that the call was not recorded so I can’t prove it was the rep’s fault. In fact, Mark told me to tell you guys you can call him as he is aware of the entire situation and may be able to help reach a resolution. ALL of this happened because your company didn’t feel like making a 30 second phone call to check back with me when the transaction told them it was a “bad account”!!! I want both fees waived and the 90 day credit ding reversed. You have NO IDEA how frustrated I am with the fact that you are making me go out of my way to write this, and drive across town to find someone who still owns a fax machine so that I can fax it to you (welcome to the new century – they have this really neat invention called a computer where you can send “electronic” mail. Not sure how it works, but it really is a time saver. You guys should check into it.)
I lost my income, almost had to declare bankruptcy, and had to start over waiting tables because of greedy mortgage companies like yours that caused the economy to collapse. Now, you guys won’t even fix your own mistake without me “disputing” your mistake and putting it in writing. In this case, I actually have a little power, so here’s what I’m going to do. IF you fix your mistakes and PUT IN WRITING that my credit will be fixed AND after I can see proof of this by checking my credit AND you put in writing the reversal of the fees, I will catch up the payments in full as my home is under contract (as it has been for sale for over a year). Not only will that catch me up, but it will pay off the loan fully. IF you choose to be the kind of bank that caused the collapse, I will back out of the contract to sell the home, NOT PAY YOU A PENNY and allow you to repo a home that is barely worth what is owed on it. Good luck getting it sold at auction and still coming up with enough money to recover your principal. Please keep in mind that I had to come down on the price to a point that the sale will barely pay you guys off, so either way (sell or repo) I make NO money on the deal. The only motivation I have is keeping my credit in good standing….oh, wait, my credit is already tanked. Looks like I have no motivation left.
My advice would be to take my offer. Personally, I think waiving $60 of fees and fixing the 90 day ding is worth getting a loan paid off and not losing thousands at a repo auction (not to mention the costs of going through the repo). But, it is your choice and banks have been known to make dumb ones. Oh, by the way, refusing to do the right thing here and fix your mistake WITHOUT putting me through hell just cost you $100. That is what my time, energy, diesel, and fax machine fee will cost me to help you FIX YOUR MISTAKE. Feel free to credit that against interest charges. For all us little guys out there, I believe I have made a fair deal. Now the ball’s in your court.

Joe Burnes
aka The Little Guy

PS I am pasting this on Facebook and putting it in a blog so that over 1000 people see this. I’m sure these possible customers will love to know which way you choose to go. You’ll understand what FB and blogs are after you look into computers.

An Interesting FaceBook Exchange..

Humor:  0 out of 10

Political: 10 of 10

WARNING: This one is political.  It is one of many similar exchanges I have had with those who support democrat candidates.  When I press on why people choose a certain candidate or challenge their reasons for doing so, I never seem to get a straight logical answer.  In this case, a woman posted that she was voting for Obama because he “takes care of the poor”.  It popped up on my FB page because a friend of mine was friends with her and commented on it.  As I couldn’t leave a comment, I sent her a message.  The following is our exchange that happened during the election yesterday.

ME: I read some of your posts connected to a friend of mine. I don’t begrudge you voting for Obama, but you need to get your facts straight. Romney is not going to get rid of welfare. However, voting for a president because you think he “helps the poor” is ridiculous. It is not the place of the government to take from hard working people to give to the lazy. I grew up poor. We didn’t want a handout. We worked hard and pulled ourselves up. Now, to have the government take what’s ours and give it to who they choose is THEFT. Charity should be left up to the churches and communities. The fact that you expect the government to take care of you shows that you must be lazy.

EDIT: To be clear, I see my error in hindsight.  Just because a person thinks the government should take care of them does not automatically mean they are lazy.  I now believe that by “taking care of the poor”, she meant the sick and those incapable of work, 2 things that I agree the government should help in.

HER: This still is a freecountry. Ican say what i believe. I dont know who this friend of yours is. I was only talking about obama and romney whoi thought make the best pres. I dohave freedom of speech. I just finish reading ru text. I have worked all my life. Raised 5 kids of mine and 1 grandchild on my own. I am sick now and cant woke. I live on ss. Iam elderly and i dont appreciated been call lazy u dont know me. Thank god obama won. Now leave me alone. I dont know u u not know me. Stephanie (last name edited out for privacy) my niece. So stay out of my business. I dont want to knowu!!!!! I hope u get this

ME: My mom is on SS too through disability. And it IS my business as MY tax dollars pay for it. Anytime your president gives you money, he is TAKING it from me and my family. The least you can do is be thankful.

EDIT: This is when her daughter jumps in and sends me a private message too.  As usual, I have ruffled some feathers and still got no logical reasoning to back up why she chose to go with Obama over Romney.  And, before you accuse me of picking on an old lady, I don’t care how old you are…keep your damn hands out of my bank account.

DAUGHTER:  Mr Burnes, I do not know you, nor do you know me, but i think you have stepped over the line on your politcal views, when you texted and messaged my mother with your rants, please refrain from contacting people that you do not know, and esp do not call her names as in her being lazy, you know nothing about me or my family, so for you to sit in judgement on us is totally out of line, But it does seem like my mother feels the same way as most people of the United States Of America,

ME: I did not call your mom lazy. Please read what I wrote. She expressed her politically uninformed views in a public forum. When I hear crap like “Obama takes care of poor people”, I WILL respond as it is MY tax dollars that are being handed over without my consent. Romney would never have gotten rid of things like medicaire and SS. My mom has MS and is on disability. The problem is, gullible people like your mother, listen to what they watch on tv and adopt that as the truth. And, as for “most” of the American people….you just elected a traitor that sat by and watched 4 americans get killed in Benghazi and did nothing when he could have sent help. Congratulations.

I then cut and pasted my original post to her mother so she could read exactly what I wrote.

DAUGHTER: i know what you wrote, and again you dont know us,, so dont call my mother lazy cause she voted for obama, i voted for obama, if you have a beef with me thats fine, i can take care of myself, but in the case of my mother she is elderly and raising a grandson, you crossed a line that you shouldnt have is all i am saying, do not contact her again!!!!

DAUGHTER: read your last line that you sent my mother ” you must be lazy” get a grip!!!!! dude,, rant all you want, the majority voted and was heard he got reelected so i guess you have alot of writing to do, since millions of americans voted for him to spend another four years in office,, i am just saying leave my family alone, we will vote how we want, nothing you write to us will make us change our minds!!!

ME: I did not call your Mom lazy for voting for Obama…can you not read what I wrote? If she EXPECTS the govt to take care of her, then YES she is lazy. I don’t know what she expects. Furthermore, she posted in a PUBLIC forum that popped up on MY screen. If she doesn’t want people seeing it, then set it to private. That is her choice. I ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH. Stop being a hypocrite. If it is ok for your mothers’ posts to show up on my page, then it is ok for me to tell her how I feel about them. I wrongly assumed your mother (and now you) were capable of having an intelligent discussion about the issues. Don’t sit there like a hypocrite sending me messages telling me to stop messaging your mom. I would have never seen your mom’s posts had she had her profile set to private. She also has the option to block me, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of that.

DAUGHTER: Dude, let me first start by saying she is not your friend so you should have not even got involved, and please do not sit there and call me unintelligent!! you really dont want to go down that road with me, i am not your average female!! All i can say you really need to let this go!!! i have ask you not to message her anymore and the correct answer should have been yes maam i will not contact her anymore, but to sit here and start calling me names, is going to open a can worms i dont think you are ready for!!!

ME: Let me repeat what you refused to read. Your mom posted in a PUBLIC forum. She claimed the right to free speech. I claimed the right to free speech. So you know, I blocked her so neither of us can reach each other. Show your mom how to set it to private if she doesn’t want responses to her PUBLIC statements. Secondly, REREAD, i didn’t call you unintelligent. I said you and your mom are incapable of having an intelligent conversation about the issues with me. When I bring up Dem’s desire to give my money away, the answer was “I have free speech”. You follow that up with “your political views are over the line” and “no matter what you say you won’t change our minds”…you openly admit that you are close minded and then expect me to believe I can have an intelligent conversation with you. I am not your average male either. I don’t apologize to a woman simply because she thinks I need to. I did nothing wrong. If you came to my door and made a statement I didn’t agree with, I would speak up. Effectively, that is what your mother did. You are the one that continues to refuse to accept the facts of the situation. You should have went to your mother and said, the following, “Mom, set your profile to private and you won’t incite reply comments to your uninformed, untrue statements about Romney’s lack of care for the poor. When you go out into the internet “public”, everyone can see what you write. Expecting people to “keep quite” when you make volatile political comments is gullible at best.”….or something like that.

DAUGHTER: your ego is so big, i guess you are over compensating for something!!! have a good life!!!

ME: Again…insults over intelligent conversation. Claiming I don’t know you but assuming to know me. You’re getting good at being a hypocrite.

DAUGHTER: you are good at name calling!! that makes you very intelligent!! dude just get over your self!!! nobody cares what you think!!!

ME: My “name calling” as you say, are simply statements of truth manifested from logical proof that YOU have provided, unlike your childish attempt to insult my genitalia. As for nobody caring about what I think, you are wrong. Over 400 readers care what I think. As a token of fairness, I would like to let you know that I will be blogging this exchange. I will send you a link so that you may rebut anything I say.

DAUGHTER: just leave me alone.

DAUGHTER: why dont you just leave it alone? bottom line you r a dick blogg that. i really hope i never meet you in person.

ME: You contacted me. I did not ask for this. If you can’t stand behind what you’ve said, you shouldn’t have said it. A dick would post lies. I am posting the truth. I hope you never NEED to meet me as I will be too broke to help you due to policies instituted by YOUR president.

Obviously I have a difficult time keeping people from dragging me down the insult road.  However, I can not help myself from getting involved when I believe the American people are getting duped and lied to.  It infuriates me beyond belief when people become sheep and refuse to reason.  It’s almost as if they are dead set against thinking for themselves and proud of it.  I believe in taking a stand.  I don’t believe in doing so without putting effort into making sure your “stand” is justified.  Doing so makes you look like an idiot.  Not being open minded when presented with an alternative viewpoint makes you look like you have CHOSEN to be an idiot.  In the wake of Benghazi and the CBS cover up, I can’t see how anyone (if they were aware of the situation) could vote for him.  It remains to be seen if he himself directly denied assistance to the ambassador.  BUT, the options are only 2.  He either did know and did nothing, which makes him a coward and a traitor. OR, he didn’t know at all, which makes him incompetent.  I see no other logical explanation at this point in time.  To me, either version is not deserving of the highest office in our country.  Furthermore, had he been a president in line with my viewpoints, I STILL would have voted against him for Benghazi alone.


I stumbled onto this FB site:


I offered an open and intelligent debate.  Not only did they delete my comments, but they banned my ability to post.  If someone is not willing to back up their political choices with well thought out logic, then listening to what they have to say is akin to intellectual suicide.