Everhome Mortgage can suck it!

Humor: 5 of 10

Rant: 7 of 10

Treating your mortgage company the way they treat you: 11 of 10

The following is a fax that I had to send to them.  If you have a mortgage, you need to read this.  If you don’t, you’ll still get a laugh or two.

From: Joe Burnes
TO: Customer Service Research for Everhome Mortgage
FAX: 866.632.9396

REGARDING: Loan # 9000832159


I am disputing the charges related to the following incident:

On 8/27, I spoke with a representative of your company who took my checking account information to pay 2 payments (approximately $1830). About a week later I noticed the money had not been withdrawn from my account so I called Everhome today to find out what happened and make sure they got the $1830 (which now I will NOT PAY until this is RESOLVED). The first person (Dimitri) had me read off the account number and then he read off what he had. It turned out to be a simple transposition error (where 60 gets typed in as 06). I was informed by Dimitri that I was charged $30 on my loan for giving them a bad account number (when clearly it was a mistake, one that I believe was on the part of the person who entered the data). He stated I was also charged a $30 fee for an inspection, as the inspection was ordered because of how far behind I was due to the payment not going through. I was also told that because the next payment was due on the 1st (and we are now on the 6th) that a 90 day late was put on my credit. Furthermore, he told me that neither he nor a manager could fix the issue and that I would have to PUT IN WRITING a DISPUTE in order to get Everhome to FIX ITS OWN MISTAKE. I had thought I had seen the worst customer service on Earth UNTIL TODAY.
After being transferred to a lady who simply parroted what Dimitri said and made NO attempt to help me rectify the problem, she transferred me to Mark Lundgren ML7 (904.623.2129). He was nice enough to see if the call had been recorded, but we found that the call was not recorded so I can’t prove it was the rep’s fault. In fact, Mark told me to tell you guys you can call him as he is aware of the entire situation and may be able to help reach a resolution. ALL of this happened because your company didn’t feel like making a 30 second phone call to check back with me when the transaction told them it was a “bad account”!!! I want both fees waived and the 90 day credit ding reversed. You have NO IDEA how frustrated I am with the fact that you are making me go out of my way to write this, and drive across town to find someone who still owns a fax machine so that I can fax it to you (welcome to the new century – they have this really neat invention called a computer where you can send “electronic” mail. Not sure how it works, but it really is a time saver. You guys should check into it.)
I lost my income, almost had to declare bankruptcy, and had to start over waiting tables because of greedy mortgage companies like yours that caused the economy to collapse. Now, you guys won’t even fix your own mistake without me “disputing” your mistake and putting it in writing. In this case, I actually have a little power, so here’s what I’m going to do. IF you fix your mistakes and PUT IN WRITING that my credit will be fixed AND after I can see proof of this by checking my credit AND you put in writing the reversal of the fees, I will catch up the payments in full as my home is under contract (as it has been for sale for over a year). Not only will that catch me up, but it will pay off the loan fully. IF you choose to be the kind of bank that caused the collapse, I will back out of the contract to sell the home, NOT PAY YOU A PENNY and allow you to repo a home that is barely worth what is owed on it. Good luck getting it sold at auction and still coming up with enough money to recover your principal. Please keep in mind that I had to come down on the price to a point that the sale will barely pay you guys off, so either way (sell or repo) I make NO money on the deal. The only motivation I have is keeping my credit in good standing….oh, wait, my credit is already tanked. Looks like I have no motivation left.
My advice would be to take my offer. Personally, I think waiving $60 of fees and fixing the 90 day ding is worth getting a loan paid off and not losing thousands at a repo auction (not to mention the costs of going through the repo). But, it is your choice and banks have been known to make dumb ones. Oh, by the way, refusing to do the right thing here and fix your mistake WITHOUT putting me through hell just cost you $100. That is what my time, energy, diesel, and fax machine fee will cost me to help you FIX YOUR MISTAKE. Feel free to credit that against interest charges. For all us little guys out there, I believe I have made a fair deal. Now the ball’s in your court.

Joe Burnes
aka The Little Guy

PS I am pasting this on Facebook and putting it in a blog so that over 1000 people see this. I’m sure these possible customers will love to know which way you choose to go. You’ll understand what FB and blogs are after you look into computers.

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