An Interesting FaceBook Exchange..

Humor:  0 out of 10

Political: 10 of 10

WARNING: This one is political.  It is one of many similar exchanges I have had with those who support democrat candidates.  When I press on why people choose a certain candidate or challenge their reasons for doing so, I never seem to get a straight logical answer.  In this case, a woman posted that she was voting for Obama because he “takes care of the poor”.  It popped up on my FB page because a friend of mine was friends with her and commented on it.  As I couldn’t leave a comment, I sent her a message.  The following is our exchange that happened during the election yesterday.

ME: I read some of your posts connected to a friend of mine. I don’t begrudge you voting for Obama, but you need to get your facts straight. Romney is not going to get rid of welfare. However, voting for a president because you think he “helps the poor” is ridiculous. It is not the place of the government to take from hard working people to give to the lazy. I grew up poor. We didn’t want a handout. We worked hard and pulled ourselves up. Now, to have the government take what’s ours and give it to who they choose is THEFT. Charity should be left up to the churches and communities. The fact that you expect the government to take care of you shows that you must be lazy.

EDIT: To be clear, I see my error in hindsight.  Just because a person thinks the government should take care of them does not automatically mean they are lazy.  I now believe that by “taking care of the poor”, she meant the sick and those incapable of work, 2 things that I agree the government should help in.

HER: This still is a freecountry. Ican say what i believe. I dont know who this friend of yours is. I was only talking about obama and romney whoi thought make the best pres. I dohave freedom of speech. I just finish reading ru text. I have worked all my life. Raised 5 kids of mine and 1 grandchild on my own. I am sick now and cant woke. I live on ss. Iam elderly and i dont appreciated been call lazy u dont know me. Thank god obama won. Now leave me alone. I dont know u u not know me. Stephanie (last name edited out for privacy) my niece. So stay out of my business. I dont want to knowu!!!!! I hope u get this

ME: My mom is on SS too through disability. And it IS my business as MY tax dollars pay for it. Anytime your president gives you money, he is TAKING it from me and my family. The least you can do is be thankful.

EDIT: This is when her daughter jumps in and sends me a private message too.  As usual, I have ruffled some feathers and still got no logical reasoning to back up why she chose to go with Obama over Romney.  And, before you accuse me of picking on an old lady, I don’t care how old you are…keep your damn hands out of my bank account.

DAUGHTER:  Mr Burnes, I do not know you, nor do you know me, but i think you have stepped over the line on your politcal views, when you texted and messaged my mother with your rants, please refrain from contacting people that you do not know, and esp do not call her names as in her being lazy, you know nothing about me or my family, so for you to sit in judgement on us is totally out of line, But it does seem like my mother feels the same way as most people of the United States Of America,

ME: I did not call your mom lazy. Please read what I wrote. She expressed her politically uninformed views in a public forum. When I hear crap like “Obama takes care of poor people”, I WILL respond as it is MY tax dollars that are being handed over without my consent. Romney would never have gotten rid of things like medicaire and SS. My mom has MS and is on disability. The problem is, gullible people like your mother, listen to what they watch on tv and adopt that as the truth. And, as for “most” of the American people….you just elected a traitor that sat by and watched 4 americans get killed in Benghazi and did nothing when he could have sent help. Congratulations.

I then cut and pasted my original post to her mother so she could read exactly what I wrote.

DAUGHTER: i know what you wrote, and again you dont know us,, so dont call my mother lazy cause she voted for obama, i voted for obama, if you have a beef with me thats fine, i can take care of myself, but in the case of my mother she is elderly and raising a grandson, you crossed a line that you shouldnt have is all i am saying, do not contact her again!!!!

DAUGHTER: read your last line that you sent my mother ” you must be lazy” get a grip!!!!! dude,, rant all you want, the majority voted and was heard he got reelected so i guess you have alot of writing to do, since millions of americans voted for him to spend another four years in office,, i am just saying leave my family alone, we will vote how we want, nothing you write to us will make us change our minds!!!

ME: I did not call your Mom lazy for voting for Obama…can you not read what I wrote? If she EXPECTS the govt to take care of her, then YES she is lazy. I don’t know what she expects. Furthermore, she posted in a PUBLIC forum that popped up on MY screen. If she doesn’t want people seeing it, then set it to private. That is her choice. I ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH. Stop being a hypocrite. If it is ok for your mothers’ posts to show up on my page, then it is ok for me to tell her how I feel about them. I wrongly assumed your mother (and now you) were capable of having an intelligent discussion about the issues. Don’t sit there like a hypocrite sending me messages telling me to stop messaging your mom. I would have never seen your mom’s posts had she had her profile set to private. She also has the option to block me, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of that.

DAUGHTER: Dude, let me first start by saying she is not your friend so you should have not even got involved, and please do not sit there and call me unintelligent!! you really dont want to go down that road with me, i am not your average female!! All i can say you really need to let this go!!! i have ask you not to message her anymore and the correct answer should have been yes maam i will not contact her anymore, but to sit here and start calling me names, is going to open a can worms i dont think you are ready for!!!

ME: Let me repeat what you refused to read. Your mom posted in a PUBLIC forum. She claimed the right to free speech. I claimed the right to free speech. So you know, I blocked her so neither of us can reach each other. Show your mom how to set it to private if she doesn’t want responses to her PUBLIC statements. Secondly, REREAD, i didn’t call you unintelligent. I said you and your mom are incapable of having an intelligent conversation about the issues with me. When I bring up Dem’s desire to give my money away, the answer was “I have free speech”. You follow that up with “your political views are over the line” and “no matter what you say you won’t change our minds”…you openly admit that you are close minded and then expect me to believe I can have an intelligent conversation with you. I am not your average male either. I don’t apologize to a woman simply because she thinks I need to. I did nothing wrong. If you came to my door and made a statement I didn’t agree with, I would speak up. Effectively, that is what your mother did. You are the one that continues to refuse to accept the facts of the situation. You should have went to your mother and said, the following, “Mom, set your profile to private and you won’t incite reply comments to your uninformed, untrue statements about Romney’s lack of care for the poor. When you go out into the internet “public”, everyone can see what you write. Expecting people to “keep quite” when you make volatile political comments is gullible at best.”….or something like that.

DAUGHTER: your ego is so big, i guess you are over compensating for something!!! have a good life!!!

ME: Again…insults over intelligent conversation. Claiming I don’t know you but assuming to know me. You’re getting good at being a hypocrite.

DAUGHTER: you are good at name calling!! that makes you very intelligent!! dude just get over your self!!! nobody cares what you think!!!

ME: My “name calling” as you say, are simply statements of truth manifested from logical proof that YOU have provided, unlike your childish attempt to insult my genitalia. As for nobody caring about what I think, you are wrong. Over 400 readers care what I think. As a token of fairness, I would like to let you know that I will be blogging this exchange. I will send you a link so that you may rebut anything I say.

DAUGHTER: just leave me alone.

DAUGHTER: why dont you just leave it alone? bottom line you r a dick blogg that. i really hope i never meet you in person.

ME: You contacted me. I did not ask for this. If you can’t stand behind what you’ve said, you shouldn’t have said it. A dick would post lies. I am posting the truth. I hope you never NEED to meet me as I will be too broke to help you due to policies instituted by YOUR president.

Obviously I have a difficult time keeping people from dragging me down the insult road.  However, I can not help myself from getting involved when I believe the American people are getting duped and lied to.  It infuriates me beyond belief when people become sheep and refuse to reason.  It’s almost as if they are dead set against thinking for themselves and proud of it.  I believe in taking a stand.  I don’t believe in doing so without putting effort into making sure your “stand” is justified.  Doing so makes you look like an idiot.  Not being open minded when presented with an alternative viewpoint makes you look like you have CHOSEN to be an idiot.  In the wake of Benghazi and the CBS cover up, I can’t see how anyone (if they were aware of the situation) could vote for him.  It remains to be seen if he himself directly denied assistance to the ambassador.  BUT, the options are only 2.  He either did know and did nothing, which makes him a coward and a traitor. OR, he didn’t know at all, which makes him incompetent.  I see no other logical explanation at this point in time.  To me, either version is not deserving of the highest office in our country.  Furthermore, had he been a president in line with my viewpoints, I STILL would have voted against him for Benghazi alone.

18 thoughts on “An Interesting FaceBook Exchange..

    • Yes, and I am the ass that allows you to call me one on my blog without blocking your comment. I am also the ass that informed you I would be blogging it. Now that I think about it, those aren’t the actions of an ass….hmmmm

    • Political conversations are only appropriate if both parties agree to engage in them. In this case the grandmother didn’t, and a true gentlemen would have respected that and ended the conversation immediately. The conversations with the daughter should never have taken place, because it should have stopped when then grandmother asked to be left alone. Mr. Burnes, God blessed each of us with friends to discussion our beliefs and views. I would suggest you utilize them for future conversations instead of people that have no desire to converse with you. Feedom of Speech does not mean pushing yourslef on people that don’t care to talk to you. In my book that is more harrasement, and the last I checked was illegal.

      • Deana- I wouldn’t call this exchange harassment, and definitely not illegal. The grandmother posted her opinion on a public Internet site. Since her posts were made “public”, she needs to be told that millions of people will or can view those opinions. Joe isn’t the type of man to just let an uneducated person go unchecked when they make broad generalizations, such as “Obama helps the poor”.
        The daughter, if you noticed, kept responding. Joe isn’t calling their home phone (that’s harassment).
        It’s truly a shame that 85-90% of Obama voters really are dumb, ignorant people. (now that’s my opinion only, not necessarily Joes’)
        Freedom of speech, right?

      • Deana, the grandmother chose to engage the moment she made her statement public. What is it about that that you don’t get? By the way, the daughter had already messaged me BEFORE my reply to the mother, so your point that the daughter would have never contacted me is WRONG. God also blessed us with a sense of fairness. I for one will not allow anyone to be bullied, even if it is by a grandmother. Throwing political statements around and attacking one candidate without expecting to hear replies is both bullying and yellow. The fact that you expect me to sit back and allow that type of rhetoric to go unchecked means you expect me to be a coward as well. I would rather you think I’m no gentleman, than for my conscience to call me a coward.

  1. No, he wasn’t harrassing the “women” he harrassed the grandmother. Once she said “leave me alone……” he should have done just that.

  2. So, Joe…did you learn your lesson? When people post their opinions ON A PUBLIC FORUM, you do not have the right to post yours in response. Only Obama supporters have the freedom to do that, not you. Pay your damn taxes and keep your mouth shut. People that receive government handouts are entitled.

    • Yes, yes. I’m sorry. The next time I hear that type of rhetoric, I’ll just say, “sorry ma’am. Pardon me, while I go back to work to pay for what you get from the government.” Then I’ll drop my head and run along like a good gentleman would.

  3. I have read this blog and I am curious, you stated to this person that you read some of her posts connected to a friend of yours. Did you post these comments on that post that was connected to that friend of yours?

    • It wouldn’t allow me as I was only friends with her friend. Basically, she had her settings set to where anyone could see what she wrote, but only friends could post there. That was another thing that pissed me off. Basically, she was saying, “I can spout anything to the world I want to, and you can’t say anything in return”. That is intellectual cowardice, and when put before me, I will not let it go.

  4. So.. it NOT allowing you to made you mad that you couldn’t post (settings seem fine) so then took it upon yourself to inbox her. What is nice about facebook is you do get to CHOOSE in this PUBLIC FORUM who you can be friends with and who can comment on your posts…And yes another thing good about this PUBLIC FORUM is you can spout off anything because it is YOUR wall, for yourself and YOUR friends to post on… You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to read it and being able NOT to post on it doesn’t give you the right to try to inbox her because you didn’t like what she wrote on HER WALL to HER friends that YOU couldn’t post on! Just an observation and my opinion which happens to on this I can post and put my opinion. Thanks

    • No, that made me mad IN ADDITION to uniformed insults to Romney. I’ll try to explain it one more time as you clearly don’t understand the public nature of FB. If she didn’t want others to comment to her, she should have set her page to PRIVATE. Her post popped up on MY news feed because we have a mutual friend. I didn’t go seeking her out as you are trying to imply. How ridiculous would it be for a newspaper to put out info and then tell everyone “hey, that’s my right, don’t contact me if you disagree…we have free speach and you don’t”…because that is exactly what is going on here. What you are failing to recognize and admit is the fact that I am being the gentleman you accuse me of not being by allowing you to post on my site. She acted in a way that was completely unladylike by throwing insulting statements out in public and then expecting nobody to disagree.

    • And, actually, she gave me the right to inbox her by not setting it to private. Also, it doesn’t seem like you understand that you have the option of turning your public FB experience to a private one (which she did not do). Oh, and by the same token, when you say I don’t have to read her posts, she does not have to read my messages.

  5. Well… I think one being not able to post on a person’s wall pretty much states to that person you can’t and end of it, she stated that to her facebook friends who could post with their thoughts!..which TO ME is what facebook is about! I myself being a Romney supporter, can say this woman would not owe me and explanation of why she voted for Obama or what made her vote for him or her have to explain to me on a statement she made regarding it! Thanks

    • I never said she OWED me an explanation. She made a statement. I made a statement. I used to agree with you about the intent of FB, but my opinion changed due to someone making the same argument to me that I make to you today. You can make FB as private as you want. Yes, her disabling outside comments is an indicator. But what it indicates to me is that she wants the world to hear her opinions but doesn’t want to hear the worlds. I will ALWAYS call out that level of hypocrisy.

    • Oh, and I don’t support either candidate. I voted for Gary Johnson. My entire reasoning behind messaging her is to point out that she is doing what millions of Americans are doing insulting a candidate without doing research and throwing around incorrect facts because she gleaned them from TV. Every time I see this gross hypocrisy and unfairness take place, I will make a stand for decency and good judgment.

  6. Joe,
    I do agree with you and the point you are making. Your political points and views are right on target and half this country does not understand the issues as you or I. The only problem I have with the way you handled this grandmother is you put her on the defensive from the start instead of trying to educate this grandmother to your point of view. I know it is not your place to educate everyone that posts on a public forum as this lady did, however I feel if you felt compelled enough to initiate an email, you surely could have used more tact in delivering your point. The daughter also pointed out that Mr. Obama won the election by majority and this is true, however I would argue the point on why this majority voted for the course we are on. This brings me to my main issue with the way you dealt with this grandmother. I am a Republican that believes the party has lost the ability to explain and educate the public about the core issues of our country. The Democratic party has done well in whitewashing facts, however they do educate (falsly) about the issues they believe in. I think you by putting this grandmother on the defensive from the start, you lost a great oppurtunity to explain why Mr. Obama does not help the poor. You could have started your email by stating who you were and explaining why you were writing the email. You could have stated you were concerned about our country and wanted to understand exactly why she felt the way she did. Hopefully this kind of conversation (not only tactful, helpful, and in a gentleman mannor) would have led to you informing and educating a person that in turn could have educated and passed new found knowledge to her daughter and other friends and family. Instead what you have done is just given this grandmother and her friends and family ammunition to use against conservatism in the future. We owe so many for our freedoms and it these freedoms that are allowing us to have this conversation today. We should always remember we are free and many a men and woman have died protecting that freedom. The least we could do is do our best to educate and provide tactful arguements to our beliefs without allienating those who do not believe as we do. We will only be able to get back to our core principles by explaining and educating people on all the socialist brainwashing that has been prevelant in the last few decades. It will not be won by putting other Americans on defense, but by having real honest conversations to why we are on the road we are on. Just my two cents and only really worth what others read into it. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs and our freedoms, maybe just maybe next time will work with one more person understanding differently.

    • You are 100% correct. Getting at the point in a more “friendly” way has never been my strong suit. I do agree with you about “educating” others. Recently, I have been bombarded with close minded MSNBC rhetoric spouting leftists and have admittedly been on edge. This is no excuse. I should have approached this more tactfully and I appreciate your input. My course of action was, in fact, counterproductive to my overall goal. It does get frustrating, though, when you go in tactfully so many times and only face close minded ridicule. I can admit that I have allowed it to boil over and have moved from a willingness to explain to a determination to challenge. I will do better in future. I’m not sure any of the people involved in this would have understood, but the approach I took was definitely not going to get there.

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