Go easy on me, it’s my first time…..and I BITE!

Having written a fairly successful blog on myspace for a short time, I was, quite frankly, surprised that many people found my drivel entertaining for whatever reason.  I am also quite sure that, if I knew that reason, my ego would create a mini-vacuum in how quickly it would deflate.  Que the kid from the Simpsons – ” heeeehhhhh –  heeeeehhhhh”

Surprisingly, the blog did exactly what I wanted.  It allowed me to reduce stress in my life significantly, which is important when you are “wound tighter than an eight-day clock” (George Strait or Clint Black – too much alcohol to accurately credit the quote).  Now, my reasons for writing have evolved.  Yes, stress reduction is important.  In fact, it’s huge.  Most people who know me are aware of the fact that I acquired Kidney cancer and almost died.  The whole ordeal lasted less than a month.  I now have one kidney and a recurring date for a catscan with a male nurse that has cold hands and hums show tunes while the scanner whirs (quite possibly the worst thing about my cancer and definitely the most recurring punishment).  Now, before you go lighting candles in my honor, please understand that I don’t consider myself to be a cancer survivor.  My grandfather was a cancer survivor.  Chemo, lost hair, vomiting, knowing that suicide would be less painful.  I didn’t go through any of those or any of the other things that plague cancer survivors.  And, as far as that goes, I feel like I won the cancer lottery (if of course there was one, and every participant got cancer no matter what).  See, the male anatomy has only 2 organs that come in pairs (as far as I know).  And, as any self-respecting man will tell you without a moment’s hesitation when asked which he prefers to lose, “take my kidney NOW”.  Anyway, that is too much on the subject for now.  Suffice it to say that stress reduction is necessary.

Beyond stress reduction, I want to document for myself the anger, pride, joy, confusion, etc. for me to reflect on at a later stage in life when I have forgotten these things.  Many know that my life goal (since attending Baylor University (Sic’em Bears)) is to use my God-given intellect and drive to become extremely wealthy and then use that wealth to fix those things in our great State of Texas that are wrong or unfair.  This blog will serve as a reminder of those things.

Last, and definitely not least, I enjoy the interaction with the general public.  I welcome their discussion.  Sometimes because it helps to keep my wit fresh.  Other times because I actually learn from intellectual sparring and my beliefs and moral stances adapt to a more enlightened position.  Finally, and quite possibly, most entertaining is the fact that, more likely than not, you will laugh at my rants.  I can not lie, having people who read your drivel number in the 10s of thousands is an ego boost.  But, I have a theory about most Americans.  We are intellectual sheep.  We want to go to work so we can afford to spend time with our family and we don’t want to spend every day researching where we stand on every issue.  It is much easier to watch the news or read a blog, locate an opinion you can get behind, and follow it.  Because of this intellectual laziness and our unending naivety when it comes to trusting the motives of those who would readily espouse their opinions, I, at the very least, want to put a common sense, logically based approach to forming an opinion, out there to compete with those who have a hidden agenda.  You will find that my opinion is far from hidden, and more likely than not, so “in your face” that you will find yourself wanting to change the channel.

Well, as any true Texan would say to a visitor from anywhere else, “welcome, friend”.  Please stay tuned for the blog that started it all…

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